Best Solution Ever to Export Office 365 Account to PST Without Any Data Loss

admin | October 12th, 2018 | MS Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the popular web-based email client which stores their all data in the cloud. It allows the users to access data from anywhere at any time. Also, it offers various additional such as working with mobile phone, file sharing, cloud services or more. But still there are some users who want to Export Office 365 account to PST. Hence, Office 365 requires internet connectivity for accessing the any piece of data. Even the Emails, Contacts and primary data can only be gained through connecting to internet. So, we are here to provide one of the best solution to migrate emails from Outlook 365 account to Outlook PST. Let’s see how to export Outlook 365 items to PST folder. Using free manual technique.

Furthermore, in the particular sector we would be covering the method that will help you in the same process. Even through the process is quite easy but, we will provide you some successful application way to move Office 365 emails, contacts, calendars, tasks into PST file format.

Reason to Convert Office 365 Data to PST

There are mentioned a few circumstances when users to need to Export Office 365 account to PST:

  1. If the data gets corrupted then, normally it is not possible to recover. In this situation, data can be retrieved back if user have locally saves in their O365 account as a backup.
  2. Office 365 export to PST is needed when the stored data in Office 365 is hacked and the hacker made some irrelevant changes in the data.
  3. When the person has accidentally deleted their important emails data of Office 365. Then, their lost data can be retrieved back if the backup of O365 mailboxes is available in the PST format.
  4. The Outlook 365 data in PST file is used to archive to reuse, folders, sharing emails and other items without any internet connection.

Now, in the upcoming section, start the process to that help to transfer Office 365 mailbox to Outlook PST Folder.

Export Office 365 Account to PST Manually

Migrate emails from your Office 365 emails to PST file using these manual steps. The user can add O365 account to MS Outlook 2016 or 2013 and then use Outlook to export email, contacts, and calendar items. Let’s Start:

  1. Move Office 365 mailbox to Outlook PST account by opening Outlook and selecting File > Add Account. After this, you have to add your email address or password and click to connect.
  2. Then, Outlook will automatically sync with Office 365 profile. You will see contents of your Office 365 database to appear in Outlook account.
  3. Select the export instructions to export your email from your source account to a PST file.
  4. After that, choose from the export instructions and then export your mailbox to the .pst file so that the data of any Office 365 account can be ported to any Outlook profile.

Henceforth, if you export your Outlook 365 account to PST manually then, it take you a lot of time. Because, this process to sync the two platform with each other would be requiring the time that would be equal to the amount of data stored in it. In addition, it may be possible that there are some of your files missing or the attachment are not properly obtained.

Wizard Alternative Solution to Export Office Mailbox to PST

The manual technique to Export Office 365 account to PST very smoothly but if the file size much large then it would be very difficult for this method. To migrate Office 365 items to PST format without Outlook is the other drawback. Therefore, if the user can take a help of some automated tool than they would easily convert their Office 365 mailboxes to Outlook PST file.

So, here we come up with Office 365 Export PST tool, it will help users to over come all these limitations and give fast and quick response to add / upload Office 365 emails to PST file format in a proper manner.

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Advantages of Using Office 365 Export Application

  1. Perform Office 365 account to PST conversion without any data loss.
  2. Show live operation status report for transparent conversion
  3. comprise simple and easy-to-use Graphical User Interface
  4. No technical knowledge required to operate the software

Observational Verdict

In the Above section, we will conclude that there is a need amongst the users to Export Office 365 account to PST file format. Thus, for the effortless conversion of upload Office 365 to Outlook PST, we would recommend users to go with a reliable third party software i.e., Office 365 Export which proficient to manage such tasks and provide satisfactory result with no interruption.