How to Create Electronic Business Card in Outlook 2016?

admin | September 30th, 2021 | MS Outlook

Summary: Create electronic business card in Outlook 2016 and other versions. In this article, we explain manual as well as automatic solutions to help solve the query.

Electronic business cards are the virtual contact files used by professionals and business owners. Business cards are used to store and share contact information with others. They can be attached in emails and sent across. Also called as vCard (or .vcf) file, are often created in MS Outlook to professionally share the respective contact.

However, most of the users face problems in the creation of business cards. If the users wish to export contacts to business cards, they have come to the right place. In the further blogs, we shall explain the best ways to create electronic business cards into Outlook 2016.

User Query: “I have to send my Outlook contact list as a business card to my colleague but I cannot figure out how to perform this task. Is there any smart way to do this?”

How to Create Electronic Business Card in Outlook 2016?

There are two methods of electronic business card creation i.e., manual and automatic way. Let us first discuss how to manually create business cards in Outlook.

  1. Launch Outlook 2016 on your system.
  2. Go to the navigation bar and click on the People icon.
  3. Now, select the contact to export to a business card.
  4. Navigate to the File button & click on Save As option.
  5. Choose the folder & location to save the files.
  6. Set the Save as type as vCard and tap on Save.

There is another manual method that you can choose as shown below:

  1. Launch Outlook email client and tap on File.
  2. Go to the Contacts folder & select the contacts required.
  3. Select Home > Forward Contact and select ‘As a Business Card’.
  4. When the message window pops up, right-click on the contacts.
  5. Click on ‘Select All’ and then copy them all.
  6. Now, go to a local folder and paste them.

The manual method works fine under certain circumstances. However, it requires you to have Outlook properly installed on your system and configured.

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Limitations of the Manual Method

It may appear easy to create electronic business card in Outlook 2016 using the manual way, but it comes with its own set of disadvantages. The biggest such limitation is its inability to create a business card of different versions. Since it is mandatory to have well-configured Outlook, it restricts certain data files that may be damaged or orphaned.

Automatically Creating Electronic Business Card in Outlook 2016

The Intrigua software to Convert Outlook Contacts is a one-stop solution for all queries related to Outlook contacts. You can create business cards in it and many other formats. Use this tool to export the contacts from Outlook to various file types. This vCard export tool can be used with almost all Outlook versions. Easily create an electronic business card in Outlook 2016 in any .vcf version. Also, you do not necessarily need to install Outlook on your system, since it can perform the task with the orphan, damaged, or password-protected data files.


We have discussed ways to create electronic business card in Outlook 2016. Users can opt for any of the two methods explained above. They can either choose the manual method or go for the automatic solution that provides results without any restrictions. The software comes with many benefits and provides a safe and secure environment to produce results.