How to Retrieve Attachments from OLK14MsgAttach File

admin | November 2nd, 2017 | MS Outlook

The Outlook for Mac users encounters a situation where they might face corruption in the message files. And when tried to open the attachment file in the application,  an error message is encountered. These files are OLK14MsgAttach File which is created in Outlook 2011 for Mac.

For Example, A single message is broken into different parts: say three parts i.e Header, Body and Attachments. The data is stored as .olk14message in Message directory, .olkmsgsource in Message source directory and OLK14MsgAttach Message Attachments directory.

This blog will cover all possible solution to retrieve attachments from OLK14MsgAttach file when the OLK file is corrupted or damaged.

Reasons for Facing difficulty in Accessing attachments from OLK14MsgAttach file

  • There is a possibility that while opening an attachment file, Outlook cannot create a file
  • Another basic possibility is that the Mac OLK file might get corrupted due to any particular reason
  • Or an error is encountered in which the attachments remained in Outlook secured temporary files even after the user quit the application.

For the basic corruption issue in OLK file, the best solution that is suggested is to convert OLK to PST to retrieve attachments from OLK14MsgAttach file. After successful migration, the attachment file can be accessed without any problem that too in Windows Outlook environment. Otherwise, some manual methods are also discussed in the following section.


Method 1: Solve Outlook Cannot-Create-File Error.

You need to follow the given below steps in order to troubleshoot this error.

  1. One Run dialog box and type Regedit command.
  2. Click on Edit followed by Find option and type OutlookSecureTempFolder.
  3. This will give you the location of Outlook temporary files.
  4. Now open that location by browsing it on your system and delete the entire folder.
  5. Finally, restart the MS Outlook.

Method 2: Repair OLK14MsgAttach file Using manual solutions.

Solution 1: Delete the Previous or old Identities

  • Relaunch the Outlook and also open Microsoft database utility.
  • Now you have to locate the running default identity used by MS Outlook. Keep the record of identities in use.
  • In the End, close the Microsoft database utility. You need to delete the old identities.
  • Now search for MUD (Microsoft User data) folder on your system and open it along with Outlook 2011 identity folder.
  • Lastly, move every identity to trash except the noted record of identities that you have performed in the second step.

Solution 2: Prohibit Old Identities from Spotlight-Search

You can perform this by selecting System Preferences from Apple menu and choose Spotlight > Privacy tab. Now drag each identity to the list by excluding the default identities.

Method 3: Use MS Outlook 2010 Service Pack 1

After quitting MS Outlook, if the temporary files and folder opened during retrieve of attachment files,  are still not deleted then an error is encountered. In this situation, you can download the MS Outlook SP1 and MS Office Outlook 2007 hotfix pack. This will fix and recover the files and resolve corruption issues.

Method 4: Clean Registry or Update Drivers to repair OLK14MsgAttach

Clean Registry, trash, recent files, temp files etc by using some available tools in Mac. This can also affect the OLK attachments files. Also, you can update the drivers by Selecting on Software Updates by clicking on Apple icon at left upper corner. The user needs to download the available updates that are listed in the window.

Method 5: Use First-Aid available in Disk Utility

You can repair and then retrieve attachments from OLK14MsgAttach file with the easy help of First-aid inside the Disk utility. To do so you need to follow given steps:

  1. Open the Application Folder followed by Utilities option
  2. Then choose the Disk Utility Shortcut
  3. Select the disk that you want to check. By default partition name for Mac is Macintosh HD.
  4. Click on First Aid followed by Run option which will initiate the repair procedure.

Limitations of Manual Method

The main fallback of manual procedures is that these are very time-consuming methods and also requires some technical expertise. For a novice user, it can be difficult to perform such solutions to repair the OLK14MsgAttach file. Moreover, there is no guarantee that there will be no data loss during the recovery procedure.


All available methods are discussed in this blog to repair and retrieve attachments from OLK14MsgAttach file. Additionally, some limitations of manual methods are also discussed that clearly suggest you to use a direct software. The tool will convert the OLK file with accuracy in just a couple of minutes. Also, provide you the option to store OLk file in various file format.