Conversion of Mac Outlook 2011 OLK14 file to PST / EML / MSG format


  • Convert Mac Outlook OLK to PST, EML and MSG file format
  • Also Support to Export OLK to PDF, MBOX, HTML, Office 365, ICS, & VCF
  • Export Mac Outlook Mails and Calendars to PST easily
  • Option to apply date-based filters in mails and calendars
  • Converts olkmessages to PST even without Outlook Installation
  • Choose from multiple naming conventions while converting OLK to MSG, EML
  • Split PST option to break large PST file after OLK to PST conversion
  • Converts OLK15message to PST
  • Preview of OLK mails with attachments and calendars
  • Supported to Windows 10, 8.1, 8 & all below versions

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Remarkable Features of Intrigua Convert OLK Software

olk15 to pst

Converts OLK14 and OLK15 to PST

Mac Outlook 2011 generated OLK14 files and Outlook 2016 generated OLK15 files Calendars and Mails converted to any version of Windows Outlook Data file i.e OLK to PST file. This PST file can later be imported in MS Outlook 2016, 2012, 2010, 2007 etc.

olk to eml

Export OLK14Message files in MSG/EML

This software supports the conversion of Mac Outlook Emails in two more formats. It converts Mac Outlook 2011 OLK14Message file to EML and MSG file format. By these conversion users can access Mac OLK file in different platforms like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express etc.


Option to Apply Filter

This OLK Converter tool provides the option to apply date-based filters to each categories (Mails, Calendars). The conversion will take place only for the selected range of date. Choose the date To and From from calendar to select time interval. By using this facility user can save their time by filtering out unnecessary data.

convert olk

Bulk Export of OLK14Message

As Mac Outlook 2011 creates different OLK14Message file for each Mails received or sent in Outlook, so there may be thousands of OLK14Message file in Mac Outlook. So this software is able to convert these, multipleOLK files all at once, it has no limitation on number or size of OLK file.

naming convention

Multiple Naming Conventions

For OLK to EML and MSG conversion, software provides the multiple naming conventions in which the converted file can be saved. User can chose any style or pattern to save their file. File can be saved by subject, subject+date, autoincrement so that it is easily recognisable.

select category

Selective Conversion

The convert OLK14 tool allows the user to select the categories from Mails and Calendars. User can select any of the two desired categories for conversion. You can do this selective conversion in Advance settings of tool. Conversion of OLK14Message to PST, EML, MSG will take place only for selected items.

Technical Outline of Convert OLK Software

An quick Overview of OLK File

Every applications maintains and store their database file of complete data of Account profile in backened at their default position. This database file consists of all mails, calendars, contacts and all the folders. In Mac Outlook Temporary files of a profile is saved in OLK format, each items of Mac outlook 2011 is saved in olk14 and the extension changes according to items of Outlook. For each component of Mac Outlook it has different OLK14 format, for messages it is .olk14Message and for Calendars it is .olk14Event file extension. Different olk file is generated for each single messages and calendars.

Default Location of OLK file in Mac Outlook 2011 is:

user/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records/

Need of Convert OLK to PST software

Intrigua convert olk is the utility for those user who wants to convert Mac Outlook 2011 mails i.e olk14Message files to PST file and migrate to Windows Outlook platform. OLK converter software converts bulk files at once. It let you access you Mac Outlook data outside the Mac environment without making any modification to the data.

Convert OLK Software Screenshots

tool interface
Step 1: Download, Install and Launch the Software.
add olk file
Step 2:Select the OLK file and Browse File.
select file format
Step 3: Preview Complete data and hit on Export button
success message
Step 4: Select resultant file format and click Export

Convert OLK Software Video

This video explains how to convert OLK14 files to Outlook PST file by using OLK14Message converter Tool.

FAQ′s - OLK Converter Software

Can I convert OLK15Message file to PST and import it to Outlook 2016?

Yes, OLK converter software is made to convert both OLK14Message file and OLK15Message file to PST file format. This PST can be imported to any versions of Window supported MS Outlook..

I have thousands of OLK14 files in Mac Outlook 2011. What is the limitation of tool to convert olk?

No need to worry about the counts of olk files, there is no limitation on numbers of OLK files in conversion. You can convert OLK files in bulk.

Do the software import damaged or corrupted OLK file to PST?

No, the application cannot convert damaged or corrupted OLK file. This converter tool can only import OLK 14message file to Outlook and other file formats.

System Specifications

  • Atleast 512MB of RAM should be available
  • Minimum 1GHz processor (recommended 2.4 GHz)
  • Minimum 47MB Hard disk space is needed
  • Supports to Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and its below versions
  • MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 etc installation is required

Demo vs Full Version

Convert OLK Software Features DEMO FULL
Supports to Windows 2010
Converts Mails messages
Converts Calendars
Export OLK to PST /EML/MSG 25 Items per Folder All Items
Technical Support 24x7 24x7
Cost FREE $69
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Clients Reviews

I was using Outlook 2015 in Mac OS. I had to share my emails with my company in Windows Outlook machine but I found that OLK15Message files cannot be open in Windows. I find my myself in trouble then I came to know about Intrigua Convert OLK software and recommended this to organisation to convert my OLK to PST. It was such a big relief using OLM converter tool.

Alfred, Bangkok

Few months before, I created my account in Outlook 2011 in my colleague Mac machine and continued to used his machine. But when I came to know that he has to shift in another city, I was worried that how would i access my data now. A friend recommended me to use Intrigua convert OLK tool which convert OLK to PST/EML/MSG and now I can easily move to any platform. I would like to say heartiest thanks to Development team of convert olk .

Richard Jason, New Zealand

OLK File Converter Export Mac Outlook .olk14 to Multiple Format

INTRIGUA Convert OLK for Mac

  • Export Mac olk15message / olk14message to PST, EML & MSG
  • Convert Mac Outlook items like mails, contacts, calendar to PST file format
  • Date based filter is provided to transfer selective emails and data items
  • Supports bulk migration of OLK to PST Outlook files congruently
  • Folder hierarchy is maintained while converting olk15message & olk14message file
  • OLK Converter keeps the data intact and retain the data originality during OLK file conversion
  • Provides the migration of OLK file for Mac Outlook 2011 & 2016
  • Compatible to work with latest Mac OS X version

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Leading Features of OLK Converter Tool

Convert OLK Software

Export OLK14Message to EML, PST & MSG

OLK File Converter migrates Mac Outlook file consisting of emails, contacts, calendar etc to a different file format. It extracts and exports entire Mac Outlook OLK to PST File with the facility to convert emails to EML & MSG format only. The software treats the OLK folder as the original source file to transfer olk14message.

OLK file converter

Convert Bulk Outlook olkmessages to PST

Multiple Mac OLK file can easily be migrated without any limitations. No restrictions are enforced for exporting various .olk14 / .olk15 files to other file formats. A user can perform bulk migration by utilizing “Add Folder” option to locate multiple OLK files easily.

olk converter software

Email Date Filtering Feature

OLK Converter tool offers the facility to apply date filters in order to export particularly dated emails. This migration feature will save the trouble of manually selecting data files for conversion and saves Mac OLK to PST / MSG / EML file format. The user can mention the date period in “From” & “To” option to filter the messages among the browsed OLK files.

Convert olk tool

Apply File Naming to Save Exported files

Convert OLK Software allows a user to store converted OLK15Message / Olk14Message to the desired naming format. The user can store the data in his choice of the file name as the tool offers various file naming options like subject, subject+date etc for easy identification.

olkmessages to pst conversion

Retains Original Folder Structure

The folder hierarchy of Mac OLK file is kept intact throughout the extraction procedure of olk14message files. No change and harm being done to the folder structure during OLK to PST file migration. The resultant PST / EML / MSG file consists of the same structure as that of original OLK.

convert olk software

Supports Mac OS X Platform

The tool consists of a user-friendly and interactive interface which makes it easy to convert OLK. Also, the layout of software is not complex and is very easy to understand. Moreover, the tool is compatible with latest Mac versions i.e OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 & 10.10.5 and OS Sierra 10.12.3 versions.

Technical brief for Convert OLK Software

What is OLK file?

Like every application, Outlook for Mac also stores its complete account profile data in back-end at their default location. Entire Mac Outlook items like mails, contacts, calendars etc are stored in the database files while temporary files of account profile are stored in OLK file. The OLK file maintains data individually for each profile.
The items are saved in olk14 file with different file extensions like for messages olk14message file and for calendar olk14Event file extension is used.

Default Location of OLK file in Mac Outlook 2011

user/Documents/Microsoft User Data/Office 2011 Identities/Main Identity/Data Records/

What is OLK file?

The tool is appropriate for those users who are in need to convert Mac Outlook olk14message and olk15message file to PST, EML, MSG file format. The reason of this conversion is that OLK files are not supported on in windows platform and to access them one need to export them in Windows Outlook format. Intrigua’s OLK to PST converter software allows you convert OLK and also allow access of Mac Outlook Data outside the Mac environment without affecting the Quality of data.

Interface of OLK file Converter Tool
Add MBOX File
Step 1: Install and Open OLK14Message Converter tool. The Home screen of the software will appear.
Select file system
Step 2: Click on “Add File” button to select the source Mac OLK file to perform conversion.
Email Preview
Step 3: Select the export option for .olk14 / .olk15 Outlook files with date filter option.
export MBOX file
Step 4: Status of migration can be viewed along with the item count while OLK to PST conversion procedure.
Watch video of OLK Converter Software

The video depicts the complete software functionality for easy understanding of OLK to PST File conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have some emails along with their attachment files that need to be converted. Can your software perform olk15 to EML migration along with attachments?

Yes, our tool can easily perform the conversion of Mac Outlook olk15 file to EML along with its attachment file very easily. “Maintain Data Integrity” during the procedure, is our priority so no data is lost while conversion. Also you can perform OLK to MSG File migration very easily.

In what way can I completely utilize the trial version of OLK file converter tool?

Firstly, you need to download the setup of the software and install it on your machine. Now you can open the tool to perform migration of Mac OLK files. The trial version of the tool will provide you the following facilities:

  • Support multiple OLK14 / OLK15 file conversion simultaneously.
  • Compatible with Mac OS X 10 and all above versions.
  • Converts OLK to PST, MSG, & EML file format
  • Facility to apply File-Naming and Date-Based filters
  • Can transfer unlimited .olk14 & .olk15 Mac Outlook file without any limitation
System Specifications
  • Require minimum Hard Disk space of 50 MB
  • Requires Outlook for Mac 2011 / 2016
  • Need Java development kit 1.8.0_101
  • Supports Mac OS X Yosemite Version 10.10.4 & 10.10.5, Mac OS Sierra Version 10.12.3, Mac OS X 10.10 and all above versions.
Demo vs Full Version
Convert Mac MBOX Software Features DEMO FULL
Supports Mac OS X 10 and above versions
Add olk14message & olk15message files
Provide Data-Based Filtering
Maintain Folder Hierarchy
Export OLK to PST, EML, MSG 25 items per folder All Items
Cost FREE $69
  Download Purchase
Clients Reviews

Intrigua’s OLK to PST Software for Mac is the best conversion tool that I have encountered so far. Without any efforts, I was able to convert OLKmessage files to Windows Outlook PST. The tool worked perfectly on Mac OS X without any problem. It was a great experience working with this utility and a token of appreciation for the team who developed this application.

Liam Aron, USA

I am currently working on Mac environment and was in need to export some historic OLK to PST Windows Outlook format. I was afraid to find an appropriate tool which will be compatible with Mac OS. But Intrigua OLK File Converter software really saved me the trouble of arranging a windows environment to perform the migration. Their tool did a wonderful job on Mac OS X version and gave me more than satisfactory results. Kudos!!

Maya Isla, Paris