How to Add iCloud Contacts to Outlook Address Book? – Guide

admin | September 24th, 2021 | MS Outlook

Summary: Add iCloud contacts to Outlook address book and use your email client to send across messages to your people in your contact list. Follow the expert guide in this article to produce the required results.

iCloud is an online storage space used by millions to save their data only to be accessed later at any time. It is used to store various kinds of data items including contacts that you can add into the Outlook address book and reach out to other users through mails.

Adding contacts from one platform to another is not always an easy task. You must ensure that the source data is not damaged while adding to another application. For this, we are going to share the entire procedure from beginning till the end for you to follow. Perform each step and you will have the desired result in no time.

How to Add iCloud Contacts to Outlook Address Book?

First of all, you must create a .vcf file from your iCloud account. This .vcf file format is a virtual business card that saves up the data in designated fields. It can store names, contacts, addresses, email IDs, contact photos, and much more. After this procedure, you must convert it into an Outlook data file since MS Outlook cannot add more than one .vcf file at a time.

The next step would be to add this data file into an Outlook account that will enable you to access all of the contacts. Let us now see how to perform this task step by step.

Export Contacts from iCloud

  1. Log in to your iCloud account & click on the ‘Contacts’ option.
  2. Now, choose all contacts and tap on the gear icon.
  3. At last, click on the ‘Export vCard’ option shown.

As already discussed, you can’t add these contacts directly into Outlook in bulk. MS Outlook does not permit adding .vcf in multiple numbers and repeating the procedure for each contact is a tedious task. So, you must change the file type as shown in the next section.

Steps for Adding iCloud Contacts to Outlook Address Book

  1. Download and install vCard Converter Tool on your system and click on Add File option. You can also choose to add Folder containing the contacts.
add icloud contacts

2. Browse the files and add them. This tool will scan the iCloud contacts before showing you its content.

browse contacts from icloud

3. Now, the tool will provide you the complete data of the source contacts including the fields and attributes.

preview icloud contacts

4. In the next screen, choose the destination: existing Outlook data file, new Outlook file, or default profile from Outlook.

choose outlook address book destination

5. Give the location and hit the Export button to finish the process.

add to outlook

Voila! This method successfully created the Outlook address book compatible file. To add them to the contact list, perform the following steps.

Add Contacts into Outlook

  1. Launch MS Outlook and click on ‘File’.
  2. Choose the “Open & Export” option.
  3. Select ‘Import from another program or file’.
  4. Tap on ‘Outlook data file (.pst)’ > Next.
  5. Select the PST file & select a folder to save it.
  6. Finally, match the custom fields & select Finish.

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In this article, we have learned how to add iCloud contacts to Outlook address book. This process is divided into three phases and all of them are described well in detail. The software mentioned here is a great utility that is opted by many professionals for its accurate and perfect results.