Product Guide-Software Working Methodology

Analyze and understand the correct meaning of how this software will manage the outlook data file in a systematic manner. A step by step approach is configured for the ease of our users. Follow the steps given below to proceed further:

  1. Download and launch the software. Go to Start >> Program >> Intrigua Merge PST. Click on the software and you will see the following window.


  2. Click on the Browse button to select the desired PST files, Here you can select the root folder which contain multiple PST file and the software will automatically fetch the PST files from specified root folder.

    select file

  3. After selecting the required root folder containing PST's, Click Ok. Software will load all PST files inside that folder, User can also select one of the given option:

    • Merge Only (No Split) - checking this option will only merge the selected PST files
    • Split Only (No Merge) – Split only have two sub options mention below:

      • Split Initial PST- specify the year range in order to create a single PST containing data from multiple source PST in the selected year slab.
      • Split Yearly PST-Using this Option software will generate PST files for each year according to the specified year range.

    load file

  4. After selecting the appropriate option. Click start to begin merging or splitting process. You can see the status of current process as "Done" after completion.

    begin start

  5. Navigate to the root folder from where you selected PST files, you will see the resulting merged or split files along with the complete summary report in CSV format.