Import MBOX Files into Thunderbird user Profiles without Data Loss


  • Thunderbird import wizard add bulk MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Option to import EML, EMLX, Maildir files to Thunderbird configured profile
  • Supports to import MBOX email files along with attachments to Thunderbird
  • Allows to add MBOX to Thunderbird by applying date filter
  • Select File(s) option for single file or Select Folder option for bulk files
  • No File size limitation to import MBOX folders to Thunderbird
  • Retains folder hierarchy while importing multiple MBOX files
  • Supports Windows 11, 10, 8.1 and all below versions

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Remarkable Features of Intrigua Add MBOX Software

Add file

Add Multiple MBOX Files

The software allows you to import emails from multiple MBOX files into Thunderbird application simultaneously. And Bulk import of MBOX files into Thunderbird email client also saves user's time and efforts.

import to configured profile

Import File into Desired Profile

Mozilla Thunderbird import wizard tool allows you to chose desired identity or configured profile name to import MBOX emails into that particular configured profile. This option facilitates users to add MBOX to any configured email in Thunderbird.

Add file

Add Multiple EML / EMLX Files

Along with MBOX files, users can add multiple EML & EMLX files into Thunderbird using this application. Many Windows and Mac email clients store data in EML, EMLX files and this tool allows users to add and open EMLX / EML files in Thunderbird.

import to configured profile

Import Maildir into Thunderbird

Thunderbird sometimes creates Maildir files and these data files can be added in Thunderbird using this program. Users can apply date filter and choose to Maintain Folder Hierarchy during the importation of Maildir files.

select file or folder

Add MBOX Files & Folders

Import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird gives two option to add MBOX to Thunderbird.
1. Select File(s) - This option allows you to select multiple MBOX file one by one from your location and you can also remove the added list.
2. Select Folder - In this option you can add the folder containing multiple MBOX file all in once. User can remove the MBOX file from here also.

import completely

Completely Import MBOX data

This software completely imports MBOX to Thunderbird without losing any item attributes. Along with MBOX emails, it also move its attachments like any document, images or other. Mbox files can be easily viewed and read MBOX emails with its headers, meta data etc.


Maintains Folder hierarchy

Thunderbird import wizard retains the folder structure while importing MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird. It maintains the folder hierarchy for the particular folder which is within mbox files and also supports the nested structure of folders.

apply filter

Option of Date based Filter

This feature allows the users to apply the time period by providing date in From and To section for between which you want to add MBOX file to Thunderbird. This date range setting facilitates the user to avoid unnecessary data to import MBOX folder to Thunderbird and thus saves time.

Technical Outline of Add MBOX Software

What is MBOX file?

MBOX is called as a mailbox which contains all the mails. MBOX is a most common format to store mail messages, no limitations on its size are stated anywhere. It saves the mails in a single concatenated text file format one after another. Each mail is started with the word "From" and ends with a blank line.
There are many email applications which create the MBOX file such as Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Sea Monkey, Spice Mail and many more.

Default Location of MBOX File in Thunderbird


Important Files in Thunderbird

MBOX file can be created with no extension or with extensions like .mbox, .mbx. You can also create MBOX file of your Gmail account to keep the backup of mails by using Gmail Takeout.
As the MBOX file can be opened only in MBOX supported email applications so using this Thunderbird import wizard you can easily add MBOX to Thunderbird application.

Others Files in Thunderbird

There are two more file formats created by Mozilla application, one is with extention.sbd also called mail sub directory. Mail folders are stored as two files, one with .msf extension which is the index of the mail and the other one have no extension.

Add MBOX to Thunderbird Tool Screenshots

tool interface
Step 1:Install and Run Add MBOX File to Thunderbird utility.
select files
Step 2: Click on Add file or folder to load MBOX in application.
import mbox file
Step 3: Import added MBOX file after applying date filter & enabling folder hierarchy.
read emails
Step 4: Read after importing Mbox in Thunderbird at destination location.

Add MBOX file to Thunderbird Tool Video

Watch the working to import MBOX file into Thunderbird to get preview of all emails.

FAQ′s - Add MBOX Tool

Is it allows to add & import multiple MBOX File in Thunderbird?

Yes, the tool have select folder option which allows you to add MBOX file to Thunderbird in bulk and import MBOX into Mozilla Thunderbird in a configured Email profile.

Is it necessary to install Mozilla Thunderbird to import MBOX files?

Yes, you must have to install Thunderbird email client in your systems to add MBOX to Thunderbird and then read and view imported emails.

What is the size limitation of MBOX file to add MBOX to Thunderbird?

There is no file size limitation to import MBOX folder to Thunderbird. You can add large size MBOX file without any loss of data.

Is Thunderbird import wizard tool is compatible with Windows 10 OS?

Yes, Intrigua Add MBOX tool is compatible all latest versions of Windows 10 or below versions.

System Specifications to Add MBOX into Thunderbird

System Requirements

  • 2.4 GHz Processor
  • 100 MB Hard Disk space
  • 4 GB of RAM

Supported Versions

  • Supports Windows OS version 10, 8.1, 8 and 7
  • Thunderbird installation necessary to import MBOX to Thunderbird
  • Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or above should be installed

Demo vs Full Version

Add MBOX Software Features DEMO FULL
Add Multiple MBOX files
Add MBOX, EML, EMLX, Maildir to Thunderbird Profile
Preserves Folder Hierarchy
Date based Filter
Windows 10 Compatible
Import MBOX, EML, EMLX, Maildir to Thunderbird 25 items only All Items
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Client Reviews

The development team of Intrigua Add MbOX Tool put a great effort to develop this software. It easily imports multiple MBOX mail to Thunderbird and allows to opening MBOX files in Thunderbird. This is the best importer wizard that I have come across.

Samaira , Israel

I had a large amount of history MBOX files, that I wanted to view in Thunderbird email client. Intrigua's Add MBOX software facilitated me with the option to import MBOX to Mozilla Thunderbird email client at too in same folder hierarchy. A very big thankyou.

Tommy Peter, Albania