Merge Multiple PST files into One PST & Remove Duplicate Data Items


  • Merge Outlook PST files including email, contacts, calendar, tasks etc.
  • Combine Multiple PST files into one united PST file.
  • Remove duplicate data items while merging multiple PST files & folders
  • Support Splitting of PST file according to Initial PST or Yearly PST.
  • Merge all PST files without 2 GB file size limitation.
  • Allow merging of both ANSI and UNICODE format of PST file.

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Remarkable Features of Intrigua Merge PST Software

merge pst files

Merge Multiple PST file

Software allows to merge multiple PST files into single large consolidate PST file of Unicode type. Merge PST tool also support to merge any size and type (ASNI and UNICODE) of PST into single PST.

combine files

Combine PST Files & Folders

Combine unlimited PST file to single PST file including all data files and folders of PST like email, contacts, calendar, tasks etc. without affecting the integrity of data items.

remove duplicacy

Remove Duplicate Data Items

PST merge software will not only combine different PST file but also remove the duplicate data items. The resulting PST file will not contain any redundant data file. A separate PST file for duplicate data is created by the tool.

split option

Software support 2 Splitting Option

Merge PST Software support two additional features that split files according to Initial PST, which will generate a single PST for particular year slab and other option is Yearly PST, which will generate one PST for each year.

review report

Review Complete Report Summary

After completion of PST merge process, a complete report summary will be generated that contain information regarding number and name of PST, duplicate items found, merge & split summary.

file metadata

Maintain Hierarchy and Metadata

PST merge software ensures that the merging process will not affect the folder structure hierarchy and preserves all metadata (Cc, Bcc, To, From etc.) & attachments of resulting PST file similar to source PST files .

Technical Outline of Merge PST Software

Overview of Outlook PST file

Outlook PST file also is known as Personal Storage Table is created when a user configures IMAP based email account with Outlook. These files consist of emails, contacts, calendar, journals etc stored in separate files and are stored locally on user’s system. This local storage prevents them from mailbox size issue faced on the mail server. Also, these archived PST files are more beneficial when user experience loss of data from the mail server.

PST file Location: You can view your PST file by opening Outlook Application>> then right click on respective email account>> finally click on Open File Location.

Best Approach for PST Merge

Intrigua’s Merge PST is the best software to merge multiple PST file to a single large PST. Merge PST supports join of both ANSI and UNICODE PST file consisting of data like email, contacts, calendar etc. Also the data integrity is maintained with the advance feature of removing the duplicate data items during PST merge. The reason behind using merge PST tool is that it will help you manage numerous PST file on your system. When limited space is available to store multiple PSTs then combine PST file is the only option to make sure that no space is wasted.

Merge PST Software Screenshots

PST merger tool
Step 1: Launch the Software.
browse file
Step 2: Browse to select PST files.
start to merge pst
Step 3: Select appropriate option and click start
open combined pst
Step 4: View the merged PST file

Merge PST Software Video

Watch Merge PST software video to quickly assimilate with the functionality and working of PST merger tool. This interactive video contain an overall sequence that will guide our user in the right direction.

FAQ′s -Intrigua Merge PST

Does Merge PST Software supports latest version of windows?

Yes. Merge PST software will support any version of windows as it doesn't have compatibility issue with any windows version

Do I need to close MS Outlook to perform merging process?

No. It doesn't affect merging process, whether the MS Outlook is closed or opened.

Can I merge large number of PST file?

Yes. You can merge any number of PST file using Merge PST tool.

Does this Software automatically recognize PST files in a particular folder?

Yes. Merge PST software will automatically recognize or load multiple PST files in a particular folder.

Does the tool removes duplicate data items or files while merging multiple PST?

Yes. Merge PST tool will remove all duplicate items and kept only one copy of duplicate items in resulting PST, Software will also generate a separate PST file which contain duplicate items

How much time does it takes for merging multiple PST file?

Merging Process will not take much amount of time but the time taken is directly proportional to size of multiple PST files and system configurations.

System Requirements

Demo vs Full Version

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View PST Files
Automatic Search PST Files
Merge Multiple PST First 50 Items Only All Items
Technical Support Working Hours 24x7
Cost FREE $39
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Clients Reviews

Having worked with Outlook for quite a long time now, I have my data stored in multiple PST files. To make the data accessible from a single file, i wanted to merge all the files together. Thankfully, INTRIGUA Merge PST software helped me in doing the same without data loss.

Chris Anderson, US

I have data stored in multiple PST files that contains duplicate items. The INTRIGUA Merge PST tool not only helped in combining all the PST files in a single file, but also helps in removing duplicate items from the files before merging. Thanks team for the great work.

Ruby Morris, Ohio