Refund Policy — INTRIGUA Software and Utilities

An Authorized Re-Seller: An authorized reseller for INTRIGUA products is an individual or business who has an agreement with INTRIGUA to resell its software products. This agreement is carried out and completed through email.
INTRIGUA ClientAn individual or enterprise that purchases INTRIGUA software products either through the online purchase process or through any reseller is INTRIGUA’s client.
Email for Product ActivationThis is the email, which is sent by INTRIGUA through the payment gateway or sent on INTRIGUA’s behalf by any of its authorized reseller on the purchase of any product. This email holds the link to the product’s Full Version and credentials (if required) for activating that software product.
Refund Policy: A client can request for refund for a INTRIGUA software product within 30 days of the purchase date wherein the purchase has either been done directly through INTRIGUA or through any authorized re-seller of INTRIGUA. INTRIGUA will not be responsible for any miss-interpretation of the published material, which is a part of product promotion, by the client. In such a case, it is solely the client’s responsibility to get correct information from the support staff.
Letter of Destruction: Refund will be done only when INTRIGUA receives the signed “Letter of Destruction” through email by the client, which should reach INTRIGUA within 30 days of the product purchase date. This letter implies that client gives us in written that INTRIGUA software product that was bought by him is destroyed from all systems where it had been installed initially and also that he would allow INTRIGUA’s authorized person to do physical inspection of all the systems where that product was installed to ensure proper and complete destruction.  
Inspection: The inspection can be done anytime within 1 year of the INTRIGUA product purchase date. The inspection can even happen without any prior intimation to the client. Any evidence found of the refunded software product being used or being installed on any machine will direct to legal proceedings.
Refund Processing: From the date reception of the “Letter of Destruction” from client’s end, the refund will be processed within 15 days. If there will be a delay of more than 15 days, it will be intimated to the client through email from INTRIGUA.
INTRIGUA will not be responsible for any of the following:

    • Any email lost
    • Any email misdirected
    • Any communication delays
    • Any delays in the downloading process
    • Any delay due to some unforeseen and uncontrolled factors
    • Mail marked as SPAM by the email application the client is using or by the mail Server used by the client
    • Product activation mail bounced by the mail Server due to any reason

Refund will be done when the below mentioned conditions hold true:

  • If the client could perform the required operation with the product’s demo version but that functionality was not there in the product’s Full Version.
  • If INTRIGUA’s support is unable to help the client resolve his issue

We do not give refund under the following conditions:

  • Where you don't want the software any longer
  • Where you purchased our product accidentally
  • Where you didn't actually mean to purchase the tool
  • Where you are not able to operate our tool in your computing environment
  • Where you are unable to apply the license policy in your computing environment
  • Where you mistakenly purchased the tool for a wrong platform