Exchange EDB Reader is a Complete Solution to Open and Read EDB File


  • Provides Preview of all scanned EDB file consisting of users mailboxes
  • View both priv1.edb and pub1.edb file of Exchange Server database
  • Facilitates Advance Scan Mode option to open highly corrupted EDB file
  • Read all File items consisting of Emails, Contacts, Calendars etc
  • No restriction on the EDB file size for opening and viewing
  • Allow to read EDB file without Exchange Server environment
  • Supports Exchange server 2016 and all the below versions

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Remarkable Features of INTRIGUA EDB file Reader Tool

open mbox emails

Open and Read EDB Data Items

EDB File Reader tool can open and view multiple Exchange EDB files of multiple user's Mailboxes. The Open EDB file application loads and scan all user mailboxes along with its data items. After successfully scanning the Exchange server files, the user can preview the file items like emails, contacts, calendar with attachments very easily.

view attachments

View and Open pub1.edb and priv1.edb Files

Freeware Windows based Exchange EDB Reader tool recovers and give view of all items of public edb files as well as private edb files after complete scanning of EDB files.

view edb

Preview of EDB File Items with Attributes

This tool will view each items with its associated properties. Like in emails - To, Bcc, Cc, Subject, Sent, Received etc. As well for Contacts, the attributes like First name, last name, etc and in calendars - calendar subject, start date, end date etc. EDB file opener also facilitates the viewing of attachments of emails.

scan edb file

Advance Scan Mode to View Corrupt EDB

EDB viewer by default scans the EDB file with Quick scan mode but by using this mode, tool can open the minor corrupted file. If the EDB file is severely corrupted then the tool provides you the option of Advance Scan mode also. By using this mode highly damaged EDB file can be viewed easily.

no exchange server

No Need of Exchange Server

There is no need to setup the Exchange server environment for using this EDB Reader freeware utility. Exchange EDB Viewer can view the Multiple EDB files even in the absence of Exchange server installation in the system.

simple gui

Software has a User Friendly Interface

This EDB file opener application has a user friendly interface that helps a non technical user or even a novice user to utilise the software without any expertise.

Technical Outline of Open EDB File Software

What is EDB file?

EDB file called the Exchange Database File is the main storage of Exchange Server database. A single EDB file may contains multiple Mailboxes and each mailbox contains the entire data components like emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks and journals. Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb are the main EDB files used to store the information of Exchange server.

Default Location of EDB file of Exchange Server 2016

C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\Mailbox\Mailbox Database Name.edb

Need of Exchange EDB File Reader Tool:

  • EDB file cannot be opened and view manually.
  • Corrupted EDB file cannot be viewed and read.
  • Recovers the permanent deleted data.

Open EDB File Software Screenshots

tool interface
Step 1: Install EDB Reader Pro.
select mail clients
Step 2: Browse and Add desired EDB file.
add mbox file
Step 3: Preview of EDB data items.
preview emails
Step 4: Different Screen View Mode.

Open EDB File Software Video

Watch the working of freeware EDB Reader tool to get preview of all emails.

FAQ′s - EDB File Reader Tool

Is it possible to view EDB file without Exchange server setup?

Yes, Exchange EDB viewer does not need any Exchange server environment. You can view and read the EDB file freely without any problem.

Does this tool also opens the highly corrupted EDB file?

Open EDB file tool has a option of Advance scan mode by selecting which it recovers and view the severely damaged EDB file.

Can I save the scanned EDB file into my machine using this tool?

Yes you can save the EDB file data into PDF format using the Pro edition of Exchange EDB Reader.

Is it possible to get preview of Emails attachment using freeware EDB viewer?

Yes you can preview the attachments along with emails. EDB file opener opens the items retaining all its attributes like sent, received, To, From etc.

View EDB file Product Specifications

    System Requirements

  • Requires 1GHz processor (recommended 2.4 GHz).
  • Minimum 50 MB of Hard Disk space is needed.
  • 512 MB of RAM(1Gb recommended) is also required.

Supported Versions

  • Supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and its below versions.
  • Compatible with Exchange Server 2016 and all its below versions

Demo vs Full Version

Software Features FREE PRO
View Multiple EDB files
Preview of Emails & Attachments
Advance Search
Multiple Naming Conventions
Convert EDB to PDF
Convert EDB to PST
Convert EDB to EML/MSG
Option to Filter Emails
Advance Setting for PDF
Cost FREE $199
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Client Reviews on EDB Reader Tool

As we all know, the data of EDB file cannot be opened and read without Exchange Server Environment. In the situation when there is no Exchange Server, EDB file opener tool is very helpful which can easily open the file as well as recovers the permanent deleted data.

Sussane Gayle ,UK

EDB reader is a complete package to scan and read the unmounted EDB file. As well as you can read the file free of cost. Thanks to the development team of Open EDB file tool to put their efforts in this successful approach.

Chris Adam , Ethipoia