Know the working of tool

Stepwise working of tool is explained below with picture illustrations. Just follow these simple steps to convert your OLM file.

  1. Download, Install and Run the OLM file converter software.

    start tool

  2. Click on Add file button to add the .olm file for conversion.

    add file

  3. Click on Browse for selecting the location to save the converted file.

    browse to save

  4. Go to the location of OLM file in your local machine and click on Open.

    locate olm file

  5. Add the browsed olm file to the software by clicking on Add file.

    add selected olm

  6. Software will start the scanning of added OLM file displaying the progress details and also shows file name, size and created date.

    scan file

  7. After complete scanning of OLM file, it will ask for saving the scan. To save click on Yes otherwise chosose No.

    save scan file

  8. After scanning of olm file, you can preview the Emails in Normal Mail view showing all header details( From, To, Cc, Bcc, Subject).

    preview emails

  9. Get the Preview of Attachments of emails by clicking on Attachment tab.

    preview attachments

  10. Screen view can be changed anytime from horizontal or Vertical view mode.

    view mode

  11. Select the mails which you want to export and hit the Export option by right clicking the mouse.

    select export option

  12. From given Export Options select the format in which you want to export your file. Click on PST and there is Split PST option to break the large files.

    select pst
  13. To export olm into EML/MSG, select the desirable naming conventions in which you want save your emails.

    select naming convention
  14. Browse the path and folder for saving the exported file and click on Export.

    click export
  15. Exporting progress will be seen with details of folder name, item counts and Destination path.

    export progress
  16. A message will be displayed by the software after successful export.

  17. An Export Report will be auto generated after complete exporting of file.

    complete report
  18. This report can be saved at any location in your machine. For saving, click on save.

    save report
  19. A small screen appears showing the location of saved Export report. Click on OK.

  20. Conversion of Selected Folder

    For complete conversion of selected folder, click on Export button from header menu.

    convert folder
  21. Now select the folder from right side of screen and select the Export Options. For EML/MSG format select the naming convention. After selecting Export Option locate the path for saving exported file. Click on Export.

    choose export option
  22. The software displays the Export progress with folder name, item counts and location of folder.

    progress of conversion
  23. Report generated by tool can be saved by clicking on Save.

    export report
  24. Export Report saved location will be displayed by tool.

    locate report location
  25. Check the Exported file at the saved location in your machine.

    find file in machine
  26. Open the PST file in MS Outlook and find your data here.

    open pst data in outlook